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All future Waterloo Coin Society meetings are CANCELLED until further notice.

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WCS is proud to be the longest-
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Need a Club Contact for Advice?

We are very fortunate to have such a wide range of experienced members in our club. We welcome questions on any form of numismatics (i.e. banknotes, coins, trade currency, tokens, medallion, encased, Canadian Tire, wooden currency, medals, challenge coins, numismatic jewellery, Shinplasters, etc.). To get some answers to your questions, you may utilize a contact below, or e-mail any member of our executive listed on our Contact Us page. Better yet, why not plan to attend one of our upcoming meetings (with or without your coins) and you will find yourself in a room full of friendly collectors, some of whom will have the answers you are looking for. Please join us!

Ask An Expert!

Jim McHugh, Victory Coins and WCS long-standing member

Jim's reputation is well known as a hobbyist, collector and dealer, and he can be found at many coin shows in Southern Ontario.

One of the special benefits of joining WCS special benefits is the opportunity to submit coins a few times per year for certification at a special "members only" discounted rate. Jim looks after this program, and you may direct inquiries to him regarding the schedule, minimum submissions, costs, and turnaround times.

Sample questions frequently asked:

I found this old coin in my parents attic, is it worth anything?

How should I store banknotes to keep the edges from curling?

Should I clean my coins?

Why does a coin minted only a year apart from another coin sometimes have a higher value?

How do I know which coins to buy and when should I sell?

Why are the signatures on banknotes important in determining value?

Contact our expert listed above or come out to a meeting to learn the answers to these questions!

Jim McHugh Victory Coins