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WCS is proud to be the longest-
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of the Ontario Numismatic

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Can I bring family and friends to your meetings?

Absolutely, we encourage family and friends and fully believe "the more the merrier". Of course we hope you enjoy the experience so much that you give serious consideration to joining our club! Our monthly meetings are always open to the public (collectors and non collectors) regardless of their numismatic knowledge.

How do I join?

We will be pleased to welcome you as a new member and our annual membership rates are quite reasonable for the whole family. Dues are per calendar year and include many of the benefits highlighted on our home page. New members who sign up in the fall season to early winter are deemed paid up for the following year.

The Regular Membership for Adults (18 & older) is $15 per year.

Spouses of regular members are $10 per year.

Juniors (up to 18 years of age) is $5 per year.

Conestoga College, University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier students receive a one time $5 discount off the regular membership with a valid student ID card. We are offering this special promotion to students. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the global economy, history, arts and culture by exploring the world of numismatics.

Membership benefits are outlined on our home page and in our downloadable application form.

Do you have a sample of your newsletter?

Yes, we do. Please feel free to read our April 2014 newsletter (volume 55, issue 611). This issue includes a recap of the first year we took on the Cambridge Coin show and our 55th anniversary celebration.

How do auctions work at the WCS monthly membership meetings?

Members and guests may participate in bidding to buy the items. Only members may submit items to be auctioned off. Generally the lead-time to submit is 2-3 meetings with an average of five items per submitter per auction. A consignor may submit a dozen or more items, however they will be spread over a number of months at the auction coordinator's discretion. There is a nominal fee to submit items to the Auction Coordinator.

Items sold for

$14.99 or less = 25 cents;

$15 - 24.99 = $1.00;

$25 - $34.99 = $2.00;

$35.00 or more = $3.00.

The Auction coordinator reserves the right to refuse and / or withdraw an item at his discretion. Reserve prices are based on a number of factors and sources and usually set at 50% of the market value. Contact the Auction Coordinator (Brian Faulkner) for further information or if you would like to submit items for upcoming auctions. Bidders and consignors are encouraged to review the Auction Guidelines.

Please use the Auction Consignment Form provided which you can fill out and hand in personally to Brian along with your consignments.

Directions to your monthly membership meetings?

Get directions to our meeting address via Google Maps.